My Rewards

FAQ & Terms and conditions

Flow Society is committed in delivering lacrosse products at a reasonable cost. With that in mind, we have created the Flow Society “My Rewards” Loyalty Program for even more discounts towards your purchases. Register now to begin earning My Rewards points for product purchases, referrals, shares and more! Learn more below.




How To Earn Points

  • Register Account
    25 points
  • Subscribe to Emails
    25 points
  • On Your Birthday
    50 points


  • Invite Friends
    1 point per invite
  • Friend Registers
    100 points
  • First Friend Purchase
    25 points


  • All Products
    1 point = $1
  • Spend $150 or more
    25 additional points
  • Share on Facebook
    5 points


100 Rewards points are equivalent to $10. Rewards points gained in any transactions go towards your next purchase. The maximum of unredeemed Rewards points is 750 per account. My Rewards points expire every 12 months.


You must reach 100 Rewards points to use towards your purchase. Rewards points can only be used in increments of 100 points. Rewards points are applied during checkout. Visit “Account Page” to manage your Regards Program.
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